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About Bistro MD

Bistro MD is the gourmet diet delivered to your door where "losing weight has never tasted so good!". The meals are designed by Dr Caroline Cederquist M.D., a team of nutritionist's andaward winning chefs. Dr Cederquist NBC's weight management expert, medical editor of the Today Showanda published authorwith "The Honest Diet for Busy Women". She has 10 years of experience in the field of clinical weight managementand her expertise has been vital to help the thousands who have lost weight successfullywith this plan.

The meals are restaurant qualityand freshly cooked by a chef,then vacuum sealed andfrozen to lock in the natural flavors and textureswhich alsoseals and retains the nutritional content. Bistro MD appeals toa variety of people who find the food is so enjoyable and tasty yet still results in weight loss. The plan involves 3 meals and 2 snacks per day sohunger isn't somethingyou should experience. Plus use the Bistro MD coupon below for the best deals.

Weight loss

A typical day on Bistro MD will have you eating an average of1,200 calorieswhich includes both 3 meals and 2 snacks. The approximate calorie intakevaries each day from 1,100 to 1,400, this is so your body doesn't get use to a certain calorie intakeand encourages further weight loss. Thisknowledge isdue to theexpertise of Dr Cederquist's 10 years experience in clinical weight loss management. 1,200 calories is not a lotand weight loss willhappen as long as you stick to theplan.

Current recommendations are 2,500 calories for menand 2,200 forwomeneach day so with 1,200 you're looking at a big calorie deficit. Your body willstart to burn it's own fat which is how and why weight loss occurs. With this plan nutritionist's made sureyou still get all the nutrients you need for a typical day. At this calorie level expect weight loss in the range of 2 - 5lbs per week. Weight loss will begreaterat the beginning especiallyif you are very overweight to begin with.

Success stories

The internet is full of reviews and success stories for Bistro MD andDiet to Your Door which was what it was called before. With a system that loses you weight with tasty food it's popularity is obvious:

  • R.B. from Ft. Meyers, FL.was a size 26 and found walking difficult. She tried regular diets and they didn't work. She then triedBistro MD and injust 2 monthsis down to a size 16 andhas started jogging!Since losing the weight she's been shopping in a regular size clothing store, something she hasn't donein years!
  • Anita from Boulder, Colorado is a busy working mom, care giver and graduate student. She says Bistro MD takes care of her by providing delicious nutritious meals right to her doorstep. She was amazed as she typically loses weight very slowly but after a month ofBistro MDshe was 10lbs less!
  • Phyllis Coble from Nashville, TN.felt her andhusband were overweight and needed a diet plan. AfterBistro MD their weight has gone from 245 down to 219 and waist size from 41 down to 38, an amazing start!

Special offers!

These are the latest Bistro MD coupon codes. Simply enter the coupon where you are asked to at the checkout and your price will change to reflect the coupon you've entered.

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The meals aredesigned by Dr Cederquist M.D.with award winning chefs and this is why it's called the gourmet diet. The quality and taste of the food is of the utmost importance and this helps you lose weightas you enjoy the food and the quantity is set. There are a large variety on offer with the possibility of different meals every day for 6 weeks! Each day still consists of3 meals and 2 snacks. Many are amazed at the amount of food youeat and totalling only 1,200 calories! Below is a samplefrom week 1:

Day 1

  • Breakfast - Lemon poppy muffin
  • Morning snack - Vanilla Swiss roll (no sugar added with chocolate cream)
  • Lunch - Blackened chicken breast in a champagne sauce with lentils, chick peas and a blend of seasonal vegetables
  • Afternoon snack - Cheddar cheese flavor pretzel
  • Dinner - Grilled salmon in an orange glaze with green beans almandine and mixed vegetables

Day 2

  • Breakfast - Canadian bacon and egg patty ina low carb sesame bagel
  • Morning snack -Protocino shake
  • Lunch - Turkey breast with home style gravyand squash puree with green beans and almonds
  • Afternoon snack - Lemon garlic protein chips
  • Dinner - Sirloin steak ina marsala sauce with quinoa mixed with onions and carrots and mixed vegetables.

Day 3

  • Breakfast - Plump blueberries in a blueberry waffle in a sugar free syrup
  • Morning snack -Cocoa cafe protein bar
  • Lunch - Pork loin in a reduced apple cider sauce with roasted Fiji apples and fresh vegetables
  • Afternoon snack - Cheddar cheese flavor pretzel
  • Dinner - Turkey in a cranberry and chutney sauce with roasted rosemary potatoes with asparagus spears

Day 4 to day 42 - Different meals everyday!

The plans are available withoutsnacks if you choose to supplement with your own however the 1,200 calorie average includes Bistro MD snacks. The full menu is available to view at the Bistro MD website and you'll besurprised at the variety of food on offer.


The cost of Bistro MD starts at around $20 for a full day's worth of foodwhich represents pretty good value because,you don't have to shop foringredients, you don't have to prepare the food and you don't have to cook it. You just receive a weeks supply every week for you to reheat from freshly frozen.They say the food is restaurant quality andmenu is like something you read in a restaurant, it's prepared by award winning chefs and you lose weight!

Anyone concerned this not being proper weight lossshouldcheck the amount of calories per day. 1,200calorieswill leave anyone with a calorie deficit large or small, nearly all the diet delivery services have this amount. The beautyof this service is that you have no need to buy any food as long as you stay on the plan. This removes the temptation to eat more than you should and so keeps youlosingweight. Overall a highly recommended family run service. Just remember to use the Bistro MD coupons above to save money.

Visit Bistro MDandstart losing weight today!

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