Diet Food Delivery

A guide to diet food delivery and their services

  • May

    Meal plans that help to lose weight fast are drawing a lot of attention off late. This is because one can now benefit from door delivery of healthy diets offered by different companies. It is not just pizzas that can be delivered anymore. Door delivery of well prepared, tasty, delicious and yet, healthy meals could be a blessing in disguise for all those individuals who cannot exercise and have some serious weight issues.

    The meal plans include a whole array of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner which will leave you smacking your lips. Importantly, you will lose weight considerably by eating normal food at normal intervals unlike crash diets. The results have been consistent and there are millions of individuals subscribing to these services.

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    How Do You Lose Weight?

    One puts on weight, amongst other reasons, because their calorie intake is very high and the amount they spend through physical exercise is very low. Losing weight through meal plans offering specially prepared diet meals works exactly the opposite way. While the normal recommendations of calorie intake are around 2000 calories, these meals ensure that the body gets only as much as 1200 calories, thereby resulting in a calorie deficit that triggers a weight loss.

    This is because when there aren’t sufficient calories the body starts using up the excess fat stored for fuelling the metabolism. However, unlike unhealthy food with excess calories, the healthy meal plans ensure that you get all the nutrients in the right quantities. So your body continues to be nourished through a healthy dosage of proteins, vitamins and minerals, and carbohydrates with low transformation to fat.

    How Much Weight Do You Lose?

    The weight loss is consistent and one can see results within a short period of time. A weight loss of around 1 to 3lbs is commonly seen while meal replacement foods with even fewer calories can bring a weight loss of up to 5lbs a week. Interestingly the meal plans can bring rapid weight loss especially in individuals weighing over 250lbs. This is because the body which was used to getting in excess of 3000 – 4000 calories a day suddenly starts getting just 1200 calories causing a major change.

    Weight loss is also due to low carb options which start showing results within just couple of days. Importantly, one gets enough information about healthy diet and plans that they should stick to. This will ensure that the results are permanent. This is because once you reach your desired weight then you need to go back to eating normally. This is where diet and meal education comes in. This way you stick to the weight you’ve reached and don’t go back or down. Your weight doesn’t fluctuate at all.

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    Features of These Meal Plans

    The meal plans are carefully devised to bring about the finest results. Firstly, you get to eat as many as 5 – 6 meals a day comprising of breakfast, lunch and dinner along with couple of snacks. This ensures that you wouldn’t have trouble from cravings and wouldn’t be tempted to eat unhealthy food outside. This is popular with the meal replacement services. These are good if you have a lot of weight to lose and would feel comfortable by eating more regularly. This is especially useful if this was your eating habit before you chose this diet plan.

    These meal plans include full meals properly proportioned and prepared so that your calorie intake matches with your weight loss plans and exact specifications. The tasty food ensures that you don’t feel too tempted to eat food elsewhere. However you’ll still feel a bit hungry at first. This is what weight loss is all about. Once you get used to beating that feeling of not eating more than you need to then you will start to lose weight and lose it on a more permanent basis.

    The Effectiveness of Meal Plans

    The effectiveness of these plans is because of convenience and proper proportioning. One gets to eat at regular intervals of about 3 hours, keeping them satiated at most times. The breakfast, snacks and even desserts are all delicious to complement the quality offered by full meals. You should feel satisfied by what you eat, this is both in taste terms and any hunger pangs. You need to get used to eating what is supplied to you while you’re losing weight.

    The meal plans are also preferred by several others because of the convenience. You don’t need to worry about healthy diet as someone is taking care of it for you. All you need to do is relish the meals and avoid eating outside of the plan. This will help you lose weight fast without actually sacrificing on nutritious and delicious food. You will enjoy it as you start to see the success these plans can bring. When you weigh yourself a week later and you see that you’ve lost weight. When you try on those tight pants and realize they fit a lot easier. You’ll be experiencing good things like that.

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  • Apr

    There are several healthy replacement programs that one can enroll for in order to lose weight quickly and that too, without physical exercise. Meal replacement programs usually operate on the theory that the body needs about 2000 calories a day. Creating a deficit by providing only 1000 – 1200 calories would lead to the fat storage being used up for fuelling the body mechanisms and metabolism. This is why replacement meals are carefully prepared to exact specifications in order to match the weight loss goals of every individual.

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    Diet Plans

    Top examples include diet plans from Diet To Go, eDiets Fresh Prepared, Nutrisystem and BistroMD. There are others too where you can enroll, and enjoy different meals every single day without worrying about putting on anymore weight. The specific diet plans ensure that you lose about 3lbs every week. This is a sensible amount of weight to lose. You don’t want to lose it too quickly otherwise you maybe malnourishing yourself. You need to get all your nutrients your body needs but with fewer calories.

    These diet plans ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice sumptuous and tasty meals in order to get quick results. For example, with breakfast items including plain bagels, cherry muffins, breakfast pizza, apple juice, oranges, and lunch items including grilled sandwiches, pasta and shrimp salads and barbecue chicken, you cannot complain much about the options available to you. Some even have set menu’s that you may choose from so you can really get all the food you enjoy and still lose weight.

    The Cost Involved

    The diet plans can last from a few weeks to few months depending upon your present weight and the weight you have to attain as per the body mass index calculator. Overall, the cost isn’t very high and economical meal replacement plans will cost you about $12 per meal. Sometimes, you can get substantial discounts by paying for a bunch of recipes in advance. Special offers also include free shipping, live telephone support and advise from professional counselors round the clock, 7 days a week.

    You also save a lot in terms of shopping expenses, restaurant bills and the cost of cooking food and cleaning up afterwards. You would also be saved the trouble of numerous trips to the supermarket every month. This balances off the cost per meal that you will have to pay, even as you see great results in terms of weight loss. That’s what it’s all about really is weight loss. You may spend about the same amount of money and certainly less time but you’ll be losing weight and that is the ultimate aim after all.

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    How do Meal Replacement Programs Work?

    Meal replacement diets are of several varieties including slim fast, cookie diet and shakes and energy drinks. However, diet delivery services like Medifast and Nutrisystem, among others ensure that you get solid food to relish even while taking care of the calorie intake of the body. They are called meal replacement because you are replacing meals with soups, shakes and other meals that you would have more regularly in place of 3 meals a day.

    The prepackaged, non refrigerated meals are delivered to you once a week in special containers after you sign up for the service, choose your menu and pay for the recipes. You can reheat the food and enjoy the meals, snacks and treats based on the suggestions provided to you. You will also receive guidebooks and counseling based on how you can eat healthy food, avoid cravings and maintain your weight. It is important to avoid outside food as much as possible.

    The Benefits of Healthy Meal Replacement Programs

    The healthy meal replacement programs, at a slightly extra, but justifiable charge take on the responsibility of delivering high quality, low calorie food to your doorstep. All you need to do is choose the menu and enjoy your meals at the right time of the day. They benefit you by giving a more rapid weight loss than you’ll see with regular diets. They have a big calorie deficiency so weight loss is something you’ll experience as long as you stick to the plan. You can literally weight yourself weekly and you’ll notice a difference in the scales.

    Usually the suggested intervals are about 2 – 3 hours. Some meal replacement programs send you as many as 6 meals per day to ensure you feel full throughout the day and do not give in to cravings. Moreover, the diet supplied to you is balanced with all important and critical nutrients including Omega 3, antioxidants, proteins, vitamins and minerals. The delectable cuisines which are prepared through standard procedures and exact specifications by the chefs will help in quick weight loss.

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  • Apr

    In the present scenario, a lot of people are looking for diet programs which will help them loose weight. The excessive competition amongst weight loss programs means that the customer will benefit from the offers. However, there is a chance that those planning to participate in the weight loss programs could be confused by the barrage of options. This is where healthy food delivery services come into the picture. Not only do these services deliver the right kind of food to indulge in during weight loss attempts but they also provide expertise and share knowledge with members.

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    Bistro MD

    Bistro MD is one of the most highly rated healthy food delivery services. Not only are they known for delivering tasty restaurant quality food, but they are also known for the results delivered. The food delivered by Bistro MD usually amounts to 1200 calories per meal and the package comprises of 3 meals and 2 snacks. You can choose other combinations if you want snacks of your own. However we would advise you have all that Bistro MD offers so you don’t add too much of your own food and cheat.

    The menu from Bistro MD ensures that the customers don’t lose out on the taste or joy of eating. The breakfast has items like lemon poppy muffins, Canadian bacon, egg patty and blueberry waffle. The lunch comprises of varieties such as blackened chicken breast, turkey breast and pork loin in reduced apple cider sauce. Dinner too comes with an array of delectable options. The USP of this program really is the taste of the food and the fact that you can save a lot of time usually spent in cooking, cleaning, and foodstuff shopping.


    This is another highly rated weight loss program with special considerations for men and women. There are separate type II diabetic programs for men and women as well. Nutrisystem also has a vegetarian program on offer. You can choose, as part of the program, the menu for 160 meals, desserts, and snacks. Besides, you will also get Success Cards, which is a hands-on food guide to take full advantage of the weight loss program. It also comprises of Nutrisystem FlavorFulls fiber drink, which is not only nourishing but also delicious.

    The Nutrisystem weight loss program is famous for the quick results where some participants have lost in excess of 50lbs in a very quick time. The program is based on GI or glycemic index, where foods with good GI have good carbohydrates that are not transformed into fat. The Nutrisystem plan has very few calories so you can expect to lose weight quickly if you stick to the plan. You still get all the nutrients you need despite the low calorie intake so your good health is maintained.

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    Medifast, a 5-star weight loss program comprises of a menu that includes healthy shakes, bars, oatmeal, pudding, soy crisps, crackers, soups, puffs, and pretzels. Each meal comprises of not more than 1000 calories and the food is nutritious and delicious too. This is a meal replacement service that will have you eating regularly but with smaller meals. This also is a rapid weight loss diet plan that has you consuming less than the recommended daily amount of calories. You have to do this in order to lose weight so be prepared to feel slightly hungry occaisionally.

    The food, delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the country, is well balanced with proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Those who are part of this program are required to eat 6 tasty meals a day, with ‘tasty lean and green’ being the theme to drive them. The body isn’t starved for nutrition while fat is kept away to assist individuals in losing weight in spite of a sedentary lifestyle.

    The healthy food delivery services

    There are several aspects of healthy food delivery services that are innovative and helpful for people to lose weight quickly. The food is delivered in special containers which people can freeze and reheat every day. Food is usually delivered once a week. The meals are tasty and economical and one can save lot of time worrying about what to eat and what not to eat it’s all done for you and you simply follow the plan to lose weight.

    The most important aspect about these delivery services is that those participating in it don’t have to make sacrifices. They can enjoy tasty meals 5 to 6 times a day, at economical prices without the pressures of shopping or cooking healthy food. By sticking to the plan you are almost guaranteed to lose weight as you are consuming less than your body needs so it burns your excess fat. When you’ve reached your desired weight you then go back to eating a normal diet.

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  • Apr

    Diet plans like Nutrisystem comprise of a complete package that bring immense benefits to all those looking to lose weight but are not sure what to do. Overweight and obesity are because of two reasons; not guarding the food we eat and following a sedentary lifestyle. This is where diet plans like Nutrisystem score a point because they offer a brilliant alternative to going on crash diet or killing yourself with long hours in the gym or in boot camps.

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    Nutrisystem – What Does It Include?

    Nutrisystem weight loss program follows the glycemic index diet. The food is rich in carbohydrates, which don’t turn into fat. Nutrisystem program also comes with a guide to healthy diet and includes a delicious fiber drink that can do you a world of good. There are special programs for men, women, vegetarians and those with type II diabetes. This means the diet plan can be used by many people to help achieve a healthy weight.

    Nutrisystem menu includes chicken, pasta, beans, ham soup, beef, noodles, and many other varieties in lunch. The dinners are interesting too with items like macaroni and cheese with beef, three-cheese pasta with chicken and lemon butter sauce with chicken and noodles. There are delectable desserts included as well like chocolate chip pudding and BBQ soy chips. All in all, there are in excess of 160 meals per program that will allow members to enjoy the taste of delectable meals while losing weight simultaneously.

    eDiets Fresh Prepared

    This is another weight loss diet plan where the food is delivered at your doorstep. On an average, members can expect to lose couple of pounds in a week, with a calorie intake around 1150 to 1670. The important thing about this diet plan is the nutrients in the meals, which are supplied to the body in spite of low calorie content in the food. The calorie count is lower than the recommended daily amount but it’s meant to be so that you will lose weight and still consume enough nutrients.

    The diet includes some tasty meals with a menu comprising of California breakfast, home style meat loaf sandwich, sugar free pudding, bean turkey chili, beef pot roast with new potatoes, banana muffin, etc. The meals, which are delivered in special containers once in a week, are impressive because they are rich in all important nutrients without adding to the body fat. Moreover, members also get all the information they want about healthy diets and the whole process of losing weight.

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    DineWise is one of the highly rated healthy food delivery services that will help members in losing weight without sacrificing the indulgence in tasty food. DineWise brings healthy lifestyle plans, weight loss prepared meals, prepared meals for diabetic patients, low card meals, low sodium meals and even senior meal plans that are available between 9am – 9pm. The nutrient rich meals help members eat a healthy diet and lose fat within no time.

    Meals from DineWise are prepared by chefs who take into account the exact specifications in your case and the goals for weight loss that you have. There is an added treat or snack and a great variety to ensure that members of weight loss plans don’t give in to craving. You simply eat the meals that are delivered to you and you lose weight. With all these diet plans you must ensure you don’t consume any food outside of them otherwise you ruin your weight loss goals.

    How Do These Services Benefit Members?

    A lot of members, who don’t have the time to exercise regularly or research on the right kind of diet, can trust these healthy food delivery services. The plans are economical and one doesn’t have to worry about cooking healthy meals themselves. Moreover, there are success stories to motivate you if you need it. You simply eat what’s provided to you and nothing else. By doing this weight loss is almost guaranteed as you consume less than your body needs during the day so you burn excess fat.

    The weight loss diet plans are different, unlike canned or powdered replacements, because the food is tasty and normal. Special care is taken to ensure it suits the weight loss goals of the individual, but members seldom have to compromise on their menu or taste of the food. With some you can even pick you’re own menu then you’ll only get meals that you enjoy. This is a great plus of meal delivery services as all the work is done for you. You simply stick to the plan.

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