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    Healthy Meal Replacement Programs

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    There are several healthy replacement programs that one can enroll for in order to lose weight quickly and that too, without physical exercise. Meal replacement programs usually operate on the theory that the body needs about 2000 calories a day. Creating a deficit by providing only 1000 – 1200 calories would lead to the fat storage being used up for fuelling the body mechanisms and metabolism. This is why replacement meals are carefully prepared to exact specifications in order to match the weight loss goals of every individual.

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    Diet Plans

    Top examples include diet plans from Diet To Go, eDiets Fresh Prepared, Nutrisystem and BistroMD. There are others too where you can enroll, and enjoy different meals every single day without worrying about putting on anymore weight. The specific diet plans ensure that you lose about 3lbs every week. This is a sensible amount of weight to lose. You don’t want to lose it too quickly otherwise you maybe malnourishing yourself. You need to get all your nutrients your body needs but with fewer calories.

    These diet plans ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice sumptuous and tasty meals in order to get quick results. For example, with breakfast items including plain bagels, cherry muffins, breakfast pizza, apple juice, oranges, and lunch items including grilled sandwiches, pasta and shrimp salads and barbecue chicken, you cannot complain much about the options available to you. Some even have set menu’s that you may choose from so you can really get all the food you enjoy and still lose weight.

    The Cost Involved

    The diet plans can last from a few weeks to few months depending upon your present weight and the weight you have to attain as per the body mass index calculator. Overall, the cost isn’t very high and economical meal replacement plans will cost you about $12 per meal. Sometimes, you can get substantial discounts by paying for a bunch of recipes in advance. Special offers also include free shipping, live telephone support and advise from professional counselors round the clock, 7 days a week.

    You also save a lot in terms of shopping expenses, restaurant bills and the cost of cooking food and cleaning up afterwards. You would also be saved the trouble of numerous trips to the supermarket every month. This balances off the cost per meal that you will have to pay, even as you see great results in terms of weight loss. That’s what it’s all about really is weight loss. You may spend about the same amount of money and certainly less time but you’ll be losing weight and that is the ultimate aim after all.

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    How do Meal Replacement Programs Work?

    Meal replacement diets are of several varieties including slim fast, cookie diet and shakes and energy drinks. However, diet delivery services like Medifast and Nutrisystem, among others ensure that you get solid food to relish even while taking care of the calorie intake of the body. They are called meal replacement because you are replacing meals with soups, shakes and other meals that you would have more regularly in place of 3 meals a day.

    The prepackaged, non refrigerated meals are delivered to you once a week in special containers after you sign up for the service, choose your menu and pay for the recipes. You can reheat the food and enjoy the meals, snacks and treats based on the suggestions provided to you. You will also receive guidebooks and counseling based on how you can eat healthy food, avoid cravings and maintain your weight. It is important to avoid outside food as much as possible.

    The Benefits of Healthy Meal Replacement Programs

    The healthy meal replacement programs, at a slightly extra, but justifiable charge take on the responsibility of delivering high quality, low calorie food to your doorstep. All you need to do is choose the menu and enjoy your meals at the right time of the day. They benefit you by giving a more rapid weight loss than you’ll see with regular diets. They have a big calorie deficiency so weight loss is something you’ll experience as long as you stick to the plan. You can literally weight yourself weekly and you’ll notice a difference in the scales.

    Usually the suggested intervals are about 2 – 3 hours. Some meal replacement programs send you as many as 6 meals per day to ensure you feel full throughout the day and do not give in to cravings. Moreover, the diet supplied to you is balanced with all important and critical nutrients including Omega 3, antioxidants, proteins, vitamins and minerals. The delectable cuisines which are prepared through standard procedures and exact specifications by the chefs will help in quick weight loss.

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