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    The Most Effective Meal Replacement Diets

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    There are several options for those who are looking to lose weight. These include low calorie diets, liquid diets and even meal replacement diets each of which have their own mechanism to counter excess weight. People with body mass index in excess of 25, need to find an option that will help them lose weight fast and is nutritious for the body, without serious future repercussions. Meal replacement diets are useful for very quick weight loss which is what a lot of obese individuals desire.

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    What Do Meal Replacement Diets Comprise Of?

    Meal replacement diets like Nutrisystem and Medifast comprise of well prepared and healthy meals that are rich in all the nutrients that the body needs including vitamins, minerals, Omega 3 fatty acids and even antioxidants. Importantly, these nutrients are divided into several meals that an individual will be consuming throughout the day at regular intervals. These meals make sure that the normal human body gets its full quota of proteins and complete nutrition.

    The meal replacement plans usually replace the normal food with lean meats and fish, low carbohydrate vegetables, fruits and skim milk. Sometimes dairy products aren’t a part of the weight loss program. The meal replacement plans comprise of 100 – 200 calorie servings comprising of up to 30grams of protein. What’s important to note is that meal replacement services still supply the human body with all the nutrients it needs. It’s deficient in calories but nothing else the body needs.

    What Form are the Meal Replacement Diets In?

    Meal replacement diets of Medifast, for example comprise of shakes including various flavors like Dutch Chocolate, Swiss Mocha, Strawberry Crème and Orange Delight. There are bars too like Caramel Nut, Fruit & Nut, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut and Chocolate Mint bars. Members will also get to relish puddings, soups, crisps, crackers, puffs and pretzels. These are with services like Nutrisystem and Medifast who both supply quality meal replacement services to help you lose weight fast.

    The diet guidelines also allow normal meals which provide fibers to the body. Standard examples include boneless and skinless chicken, cooked vegetables, tossed salad and raw vegetables and about 64 ounces of water. These are according to strict dietary guidelines that are available for the members of such plans. The guidelines are strict to make sure the body gets all the nutrients it needs during your diet.

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    Normal, Tasty and Door Delivered Meals

    Meal replacement diets are effective and tasty too. For example, members of the healthy diet delivery services offered by Medifast can also enjoy items such as scrambled eggs, crab soup, porridge etc. if they are not satisfied with pills, powdered food or cookie diet. Soups and more substantial meals are not something you will always exoect but they are something you can enjoy with the Medifast weight loss meal plan.

    Low calories meals with significant portions of fresh fruit, vegetables and salads are prepackaged and delivered to members of the diet plans. Sticking to these diet plans along with regular diet counseling and tips for weight loss will help members lose a lot of pounds very quickly within weeks of subscribing to the plan. The key is to have the discipline to not venture outside the guidelines to try out unhealthy outside food. Usually members get to enjoy about 5 meals a day, which are prepackaged, non- refrigerated and delivered once a week. There are doctors for supervision and counseling too.

    Meal Replacement Plans and Their Benefits

    Meal replacement plans force the body to use up the stored fat. With meals offering about 100 – 120 calories, one follows a set plan comprising of 5 – 6 meals daily that take care of the nutrition of the body. The low fat meals ensure that the body gets what it needs with lower calorie intake. You will total about 1500 calories per day
    which is a deficit but one which will ensure you’ll lose a good amount of weight for every day you stick at the diet.

    Meal replacement plans are slightly expensive but are far better than indulging in pills and powdered meals which could cause intense craving and are sometimes terribly hard to follow. Eating healthy food is a better habit to develop as well. Meal replacement plans from healthy diet delivery services like Medifast and BistroMD will set an individual on the right track, after losing the required amount of weight.

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