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Chefs Diet

Chefs Diet

Chefs Diet My Solution Program

About Chefs Diet

Chefs Diet is based on the famous Zone diet created by Nobel Prize winning scientist Dr Sears. The principle of the diet is to have 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% favorable fats in every meal. Research over several years have found this ratio of food in moderate amounts have been found to produce successful weight loss including a Scientific American Frontiers study. It also prevents the body storing fat by the use of good fats within the meals and the hormonal balance both of which the ratio of food encourages within the body.

The Chefs Diet has this formula pre-prepared in all their meals and shipped to you. Exact portions have been measured to get you and your body this fine balance where optimum weight loss occurs. The meals are finely balanced to put your body in "the zone" by having the proper balance of blood sugar and insulin levels causing weight loss but no loss in muscle mass. This is the type of weight loss deemed to be the most healthy as your body is not starved. You will not go hungry on this diet.

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Weight loss

The Zone diet is a low carb diet however unlike other low carb diets Atkins or South Beach the diet it isn't so restrictive on carbohydrates. This is because you don't need to be. The next to zero carbohydrate models of the past low carb diets are flawed. They gave nasty side effects and you simply gained the weight back on when you stopped dieting. The body needs carbs and hence the Chefs Diet has 40% which is low but the correct carbs are in the meals causing weight loss without the feeling of hunger. Many also report fatigue as a side of effect of low carb diets and this may occur but only for 2 to 3 days.

Weight loss is expected to be around 8 to 10 lbs per month. This will be quicker to begin with and should reach those safe levels until you approach your target or ideal weight. Many client and testimonials remark on how tasty and good the food is but this is a diet and you will lose weight if you stick to the plan. Every day you have a breakfast, lunch and dinner and 2 snacks. The snacks are quite large so it will be like eating 5 meals in a day, a sample of the menu can be found below.

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Success stories

Thousands have found success with it's ease of use and tasty food. This is not just limited to people in their homes. Many celebrities have enjoyed Chefs Diet. Plus many doctors have had success with it and are willing to provide a testimonial for it's effectiveness:

Celebrity clients

  • Kevin Costner (actor, producer, director)  - "I like my sweets, and when I tasted Chefs Diet freshly baked snacks I felt I was doing the best possible thing for myself.... so I usually had two!"
  • Fergie (pop superstar)  - "The food is delicious and you're never hungry"
  • Liza Minnelli (living legend) - "Whether it be a movie premiere or a walk down the red carpet, Chefs Diet Event Program helps me look and feel my best."
  • Nancy Sinatra (world renowned performer) - "Delicious food delivered right to your door. If you're off track, Chefs Diet will bring you back."
  • Carl Lewis (former Olympic athlete) - "Chefs Diet allowed me to keep a fit body, while the meals are convenient for people like me who don't cook."

Doctors Testimonials

  • Hershel Glatt M.D. - "I have tried many diets over the last 15 years and Chefs Diet is the first one that I really enjoyed. I actually looked forward to the daily food deliveries, and I lost weight also."
  • Dr. Michael T.Feulner, Chiropractor - "My patients have achieved great results using the Chefs Diet Program. As a chiropractor I emphasize complete body health which includes nutrition in conjunction with chiropractic treatment."
  • David J. Sussman, M.D - "If someone had told me there was a diet where I would never be hungry, never have a food craving, eat delicious and healthy meals and still lose weight I would have thought they were kidding. Well, 9 months and 120 lbs lighter, I know that diet really exists and it is called the Chefs Diet."
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Special offers!

These are the current special offers available at the moment. Do check back regularly as the site is often updated. Where no code is shown click the link and the special offer is already included as you choose it when placing your order.

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Chefs Diet pride themselves on their delicious food and the menu certainly shows some great ingredients. Every meal confirms to the zone diet to get your body in the zone to help you lose weight. There are various programs to choose from including a fresh daily delivery in certain parts of the States. There are weekly options, a vegetarian, kosher and a kids program if your child needs to lose weight or join you on your program. Below is a sample of from the fresh daily program:

Day 1

  • Breakfast - Creamy quiche Florentine and young sautéed spinach leaves baked with feta cheese in puff pastry
  • Lunch - Antipasto salad of cappacola ham, pimentos, pepperoncini peppers and cool summer cucumbers with cantaloupe melon
  • Snack 1 - Fresh fruit with blueberries strudel
  • Dinner - Balsamic marinated breast of chicken with whole roasted garlic, Roma tomatoes, Garbanzo beans and oregano infused sauce
  • Snack 2 - Quinoa grain and lemon barley salad with soy temeh

Day 2

  • Breakfast - Sugared blintz with Georgia peach compote, mascarpone and ricotta cheeses
  • Lunch - Portobello napoleon with grilled eggplant, roasted red peppers, melted mozzarella cheese and opal basil vinaigrette
  • Snack 1 - Peanut butter brownie with chocolate-mocha syrup
  • Dinner - Fresh roasted pork loin with baked yam, broco flower spears and honey mustard gravy
  • Snack 2 - 'Grandmas' sweet and sour chicken stuffed

Day 3

  • Breakfast - Ranch style western omelette and range roasted potatoes topped with jack cheese
  • Lunch - Classic Cobb salad with fresh roasted turkey breast, granny smith apple and bleu cheese vinaigrette
  • Snack 1 - Glazed banana and toasted almond nut cake
  • Dinner - Chicken mousaka
  • Snack 2 - Stuffed artichoke hearts with fresh mozzarella, sun dried tomato and shaved parmesan

Day 4 to Day 42 - Different meals everyday

As you can see the food on offer is impressive and the reason why Chefs Diet is recognized as America's only 5 star diet. They pride themselves on this and they are able to offer this kind of food due to their panel of experts that helped advise and devise the menu. These include Dr. Carol Forman Helerstein a licensed clinical nutritionist with over 20 years of experience and Chef Philip Andriano the rated #1 seafood chef in New York. The full menu is available to view at the Chefs Diet website.

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The Chefs Diet following the Zone Diet and it's principles is a good thing, the Zone Diet is proven for weight loss and having this in a diet delivery system weight loss is certain. To lose weight you simply stick to the plan and eat the meals you're provided with which shouldn't be difficult with 2 snacks and 3 meals so you won't go hungry. The quality of the meals are amazing check out the menu. No diet delivery service featured has a menu with meals like that. They really are meals you could choose in a restaurant so the food is tasty as well as nutritionally balanced.

Chefs Diet has a variety of programs on offer and they start from $14.95 per day so this is affordable weight loss. Think about how much you spend per day on food plus all the time it take to purchase the food and then prepare and cook the meals at home. You save time and money. Chefs diet is proven for weight loss with thousands of happy client including doctors who've recommended it to their patients. Chefs Diet is recommended by us so if you're thinking of using a diet food delivery system to lose weight then Chefs Diet is one to consider.

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