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I lost Weight the Delicious Way! With Diet To Go!

About Diet to Go

Diet to Go has been serving diet food delivery customers for over 15 years and have delivered nearly 400,000 meals to date. They provide freshly prepared, tasty, delicious mealsto anywhere in the US including Hawaii and Alaska. Peoplechoose Diet to Go for many reasons the most popular is to lose weight butsome choose it to savetime,save moneyor justto eat healthily.

All the mealsare freshly chef prepared before shipping to your door and adheres to many American dietary guidelinesincluding the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, The American Cancer Society and more.

Diet to Go can prepare your meals foryour dietary choice whether you want low carb meals, low fator vegetarian. They also ask if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions and they work with you to provide diet meals suitablefor you. Even taste preferencesare something the chefs can work with you on. They want you to be happy with the meals and food you get.

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Weight loss

Diet to Gomakes you lose weight using a low calorie dietproven to be effective. Current recommendations are 2,200 for men and 2,000 calories per day for women.The daily calorie intakeon Diet to Go is between 1,200 and 1,600.This will leave you a calorie deficit even if you don't exercise so you will loseweight whether you workout or not.The meals are all nutritionally balanced so your body gets all the nutrients it needs for the day. They're also low fat so you'll burnfatas part of dieting.Diet to Go expectsan average weight loss of around 2to 3 lbs per week but you will probably lose weight more quickly at the beginning especiallyif you are very overweight.

You can also choose a low carb plan with Diet to Goand thisisalso deficit in calories coming in at an average of 1,500 calories per day so you benefit fromthe low carb weight loss andthe fewer calories. This could be a bonus for some whochooses low carb as you'd belosingweightin 2 ways. The vegetarian option comes in at 1,200 to 1,600 calories. If you do feel hungry between meals there are a variety of special bars, shakes and snacks available for those difficult times and are allowed as part of the plan.

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Success stories

Diet to Go have delivered nearly 400,000 meals to date so success is something experienced by many people and there aremany stories on the internet of excellent weight loss. Some excerpts from actual customersare:

  • Valerie from Pensacola, Flaweighed just over 280lbs and was having back and knee trouble. Thiscaused so many problems she once went to the emergency room. She found out shequalified for weight loss surgery but chose to use a diet plan instead. She hates cooking so she chose Diet to go.One and ahalf years later she is amazed at hernew skinnier self. She has no problems with herback and kneesany more and is training for the Walt Disney Marathon!
  • Donna from Alexandria, VA, wanted to save timeand spend it with her new more born son. Shechose Diet to Go rather than shopping and cooking forhours in the kitchen. She loved the fresh food she received and was surprised at the quantity. She managed to lose her pregnancy weight in 2 months and within 2 1/2 months had lost 25 pounds. People are shocked at how thin she looks so soon after giving birth!
  • Scott from New Jersey weighed over 400 lbs and used to see his overweight body as a prison. He couldn't tie his own shoe laces and wasonce on the brink of death. Diet to Go and 10 months later Scott feels reborn having lost over 200lbs! He now has his life back and on Memorial Day 2006 ran in the Boulder Colorado 10K race!
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Special offers!

The following arethe special offersavailable with Diet to Go. To redeem the offer click the link and enter the coupon code, write it down if you need to. Diet to go release different coupon codes throught the year. The best one is the 25% off so I've given the details of that here.

  • Get 25% OFFany meal plan Click Here! to redeem this offer.
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The Diet to Go menu is made up of properfull meals andcooked by a real chef.You get 3 meals per day breakfast, lunch and dinner. You don't have to buy any ingredients or prepare the food, the meals are delivered to you. The variety of the mealsis enormous plus every meal has a satisfaction guarantee which no other servicehas. The mealscan be differenteveryday for 4 weeks as per your choice or you may select the food you like the taste of only. Below is a sample:

Day 1

  • Breakfast - Plain bagel, cream cheese andapple juice
  • Lunch - Turkey sandwich (sliced turkey breast on a multi grain roll with mayo), tomato and mushroom salad
  • Dinner - Baked Atlantic salmon, stuffed baked potato, baby carrots andpineapple crisp

Day 2

  • Breakfast - Wild cherry muffin, apple butter and an orange
  • Lunch - Grilled cheese sandwich, lentil chili and a brownie
  • Dinner - Barbecue chicken & sauce, anise roasted potatoes, baked beans, green beans and almonds

Day 3

  • Breakfast - Breakfast pizza and apple juice
  • Lunch - Shrimp & pasta salad, cocktail sauce and a honey wheat roll
  • Dinner - Old fashioned meat loaf, sweet potatoes and whole green beans

Day 4 to Day 28 - Different meals everyday!

Diet to Go pride themselves in the taste and high quality of the meals. This is very important to them as they believe dietingcan begreat tasting food with the right experts behind it. Remember these meals total around 1,600 calories per day so you'll lose weight eating the menu above. You can choose to have the 1,200 calorie option, this is the same menu but with smaller fewer portionsto reach the calorie level (they still meet your daily nutritional needs). The plan also allows for 1 snack per day of which there is a large selection of bars, chocolates, shakes and more.

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The Diet to Goplan is increasing in popularity and you can see why, you get to eat proper mealsall day every dayand still lose weight. Thevariety of plans is superb: low fat, low carb, vegetarian and the chef can cater to most other dietary or even taste preferences. The range of meals is amazing, a different meal every day for 28 days whatever plan you go on. Or alternatively just choose the meals you like.You may even be able to go to them and combine certain ingredients with another but they don't outwardly advertise this but they may do this if you ask! Weight loss isguaranteed and you'll eat 1,200 or 1,600 calories of nutritionally balanced tasty mealseach day.

With no shopping, counting, cooking or preparing and a weight loss guarantee you can't really go wrong with Diet to Go. There are some locations where you can pick up your meals otherwise they will be delivered 2 to 3 days after your first order and weekly after that. With any diet food delivery service we say investigate them all to make your choice and Diet to Go make that easier by allowing you to have a free meal with your first purchase. We say sign up for Diet to Go if you want great tasty food, chef made and see the weight loss as a bonus!

Visit Diet to Goand start losing weight today!

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