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eDiets Fresh Prepared

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eDiets Meal Delivery Plan - Rated #1!

About eDiets fresh prepared

eDietsfresh preparedis the new meal delivery planbyeDiets. eDiets are one of the success stories of the web with over 2million paying members since they first went online in 1997. They provide full diet advice, online supportand personalized fitness plans and as part of the eDietsmeal delivery plan you have access to everything that makes eDiets so popular and more.

eDietsfresh preparedguarantee fresh, great tasting prepared meals. It's real food delivered to your door not powders or canned products like other meal diets. They guarantee thatmeals are prepared fresh and shipped fresh and this is USDA inspected. The consumer website "for people who love to eat" tested the leading dietdelivery services with nutritionist'sand taste testers and eDietsfresh preparedwas ranked #1!

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Weight loss

The eDietsfresh preparedplan has you eating4 mealsper day. They are breakfast, lunch, dinnerand a snack or desert. Once you selectthe meal plan you wantyouchoose your menu from a wide selection (more info below at the menu section) which are calorie controlled. Weight loss isdue to the plan giving you a calorie deficit. The nutritionist's have forecast an averageweight loss of 1to 2 lbs per week which is healthy and safe. This is likely to be greater at first especially if you are overweight to begin with.

The calorie intakevaries between 1,150 and 1,670 depending on your meals selections. This represents a gooddeficit for weight loss where current recommendations say you should eat 2,000 calories for women and 2,200 for men to maintainweight. Even with few calories the meals provide all the nutrients the body needs during the day. At this calorie level the body will start to burn off it's own weight and weight loss begins. The plan is specifically designed to do this.

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Success stories

eDiets are used to having success with their products as their online weight loss service has 2 million paying members. Their meal delivery service is alsohaving success with many who are impressed with the weight loss and also the tasteof food on offer. Here's a sample of some of those succeeding:

  • Calandra L. lost 74 lbs! She found the meals convenient, delicious and very filling. She found the foodfresh and tasted as good as a home cooked meal. She would look forward to opening her shipment each week to see what variety of meals she had to enjoy!
  • Katie B. lost 34 lbs!She was always surprised at the amount of food she received. Her boyfriend one day was shocked when he was told it was diet food after seeing a meal she had for dinner. She said it was better than she could have made herself! She appreciated the convenient packaging and clear instructions that came with each shipment.
  • Kristine R. lost 82 lbs! She says it was nice to have real food similar to what she would prepare herself. She liked that the meals weren't something "off an assembly line".
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Special offers!

Below are the special offers for the eDiets meal delivery plan. The coupon is for free shipping for every week so you will save $21.95 in every week you're with the plan. The other is for 3 free weeks of meals. These are redeemed at different points as you stay with the plan (week 4, 7 and 10). The offers can not be combined.

  • ReceiveFREE shipping for LIFE with coupon code: FREESHIP Click Here to redeem the free shipping, you'll be taken to a special page on the eDiets website.
  • ReceiveTHREE weeks of meals FREE redeemable on week 4, 7 and 10 Click Here to redeem the 3 free weeks.
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eDietsfresh preparedspecialize in fresh, gourmet mealsand the menu is quite impressive. They have over 50 fresh meals anddesserts for you to choose from which is the base plan of eDiets deliciously yours. Once you have chosen your meal plan they allow you to customize the menu to your taste. Theyworkwith you to provide mealsyou like. A sample of the menu follows:

Day 1

  • Breakfast - California breakfast
  • Lunch - Home style meat loaf sandwich
  • Dinner - Chicken vesuvio
  • Snack - Sunny walnut trail mix

Day 2

  • Breakfast - Honey oat granola with yogurt
  • Lunch - Mediterranean grilled chicken salad
  • Dinner - Grilled pork loin with barley pilaf
  • Snack - Sugar-free pudding

Day 3

  • Breakfast - Banana muffin
  • Lunch - Hearty black bean turkey chili
  • Dinner - Beef pot roast with new potatoes
  • Snack - Mozzarella cracker snack

And more - from their customizable menu!

The food has no added preservatives and is designed by licensed dietician's, nutritionist's and chefs as well as being freshly prepared and cooked by chefs. The full menu is available to view at the eDiets Website and there are a lot of appealing choices.

Visit eDiets fresh prepared!


This eDietsmeal delivery service is impressive with the variety of meals on offer and with the amount of calories you consumeyou will lose weight. The meals are delivered weekly in special containers which are ice packed. Even if you're at your job all day and the mealshave already beendeliveredthey will becold and fresh for you to store when you return.

eDiets have the capacity to invest a lot of time and money to perfect this service thanks to their venture having 2 million paying members and 110 employees. They have used their expertise in providing a fantastic diet meal delivery service. Following some research the well known website have rated eDietsfresh prepared#1 in comparison to the leading service available, they say they were the "best in taste and nutrition". This is certainly high praise and is a good reason whythey're a great choice for your weight loss andfresh, tastyfood.

Visit eDiets fresh prepared and start losing weight today!

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