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Part 6 - How Long Do I Stay On It?

  • Find your ideal weight using the link below and stop dieting when you reach that weight.
  • These services give you a calorie deficit which is just for losing weight andis different for maintaining weight.
  • Remember not to revert to your old eating habits that caused you to gain weight in the first place.

The best thing to do is to find out what is your ideal weight is. This will depend on your height,male or female andage. Use the following link to find out what your ideal weight is: Ideal Weight Calculator.This would be your goal while using a diet food delivery service and in fact any diet where you are limiting the amount of calories or food you consume.You should weigh yourself weekly at the same time on the same day to measure your weight and weight loss.Once you've reached your ideal weight you should stop dieting.

The calories you consume with a diet areless then the recommended daily calorie intake to maintain weight. Your body still gets all the nutrients it needs from diet delivery services but you lose weight. However with calorie levels being lower you will continue to lose weight and if you fall below your ideal weight there are some health implications to this. You would reach a certain weight where you couldn't go any further depending on how many calories you are consuming per day. But you shouldn't continue dieting below your ideal weight. Once you reach your healthiest body weight and have no need for dieting any longer.

If you are worried about gaining the weight back on or have become accustomed to the convenience of having your meals prepared and delivered to you. There are other meal delivery services out there that aren't diet meals. These offer exactly the same service but with normal daily calorie levels and intake of carbs. These would be an ideal solution as you are still limited to the food you are given and you maintain weight and eat healthily. When choosing your options remember your previous eating habits are what caused you to gain weightso don't revert back to your old routine. A change still needs to be made but just try and eat more sensibly and only at meal times and you should be able to maintain your body weight. If the worst happens and you gain weight again then you can start the diet food delivery service again.

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