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Part 5 - How Much Does It Cost?

  • Depends on the service. But some can be as low as $11.95 per day with meal replacement services being lower still.
  • Take the cost of this service and compare it to your weekly food bill including other food items you buy during the day, you may save.
  • Some diets have you pay an online registration for a bunch of recipes for $30 per month and you still have to buy and prepare the food.

The cost very much depends on the service and type of food you go for. There are some services that will charge as low as $11.95 per day and the meal replacement services may be even lower. There are some with gourmet options where the cost is far higher for those who want to lose with very high quality restaurant style meals. Although mostoffer a quality menu and some guarantee taste satisfaction. Some services may charge an additional delivery cost where as some don't so always check what you're paying for all the way to the checkout. Manyservices have special offers and coupons available especially on auto-ship orders where you can sometimes get weeks free. Check the reviews on this site for the latest codes and coupons.

Where cost is concerned the best thing to see what is your weekly food bill. Because that is exactly what you'll be replacing withthese services. If you tend to spend alot on snacks and candy and other treats during the day then you could factor all these in as well. Take the total cost and compare this to the price of the diet delivery service. Think also about the cost you save of gasoline to buy the food and more importantly the time you save from buying food and preparing it. You may actually save money and you will lose weight which is the aim of going ona diet.

Also think about the cost of other diet plans. Some will have you paying for a weekly meeting or registration. Some provide you recipes online and give you support and encouragement (these are often included in diet delivery services). The online registration of recipe providers is sometimes$30 per month and you still have to go out and buy and prepare the food. These services also have a far lower success rate than if you have your meals prepared and delivered to you as you can't cheat. You are far more likely to succeed with diet food delivery services and some guarantee it. In fact they should all guarantee it because if you stick to the plan that is all that can happen. They are designed to cause you to lose weight without having to buy additional food.

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