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About Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem is billed as the real life, complete solution for losing weight, they've been helping people successfully lose weight for many years. For 2010 they announce the Nutrisystem® Jumpstart™ program. This is based on the success of the glycemic index diet with good carb foods together with the optimal amount of protein to keep you satisfied for longer and your blood sugar levels stable. The weight loss programs are divided into those most suitable for each individual person:

  • Women's program
  • Men's program
  • Women's silver program
  • Men's silver Program
  • Women's type II diabetic program
  • Men's type II diabetic program
  • Vegetarian program

Once you've chosen your program there are over 160 meals, snacks and desserts to choose from. These will form your breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert every day. As well as the food (menu below) Nutrisystem provide you with extras to help you lose further weight. These include a special Success Cards which give you a hands on guide to getting off to a great start plus the Nutrisystem® FlavorFulls™ delicious fiber drink to help keep hunger cravings at bay. Also Nutrisystem is one of the few to offer FREE unlimited phone and online counseling as part of the membership.

Weight loss

Weight loss is based on the glycemic index (G.I.). This is where foods that have a low G.I value are good carbohydrates because they don't turn into fat. Many diets are now based on this including the South Beach Diet and the famous Atkins diet. Nutrisystem however have updated this for 2010 using the latest weight loss and nutrition research so the most important weight loss nutrients are retained in the food.

With all Nutrisystem programs you get to eat often during the day so hunger is kept at bay. The foods are perfectly portioned to encourage this. A personalized meal planner is provided to help plan your meals every day so you can keep track of what you eat. The Jumpstart™ Kit will ensure you burn weight off quicker and throughout the body, however you will still lose weight if you don't use it.

Success stories

Nutrisystem has remarkable success stories. Check out the Nutrisystem website and go to success stories on the menu on the left side for some astonishing before and after pictures from over 100 users who have lost weights from 20lbs to over 100lbs. A few samples of experiences are:

  • Tony O. lost 103 lbs! "I'm telling you now: it doesn't matter how old you are, Nutrisystem helps make it easy for you to lose weight. Now, my friends and family are saying, we've got our old Tony back."
  • Debbie S. lost 84 lbs! "I've felt so good about who I am and what I've become. It's about me liking me. Nutrisystem has changed my life, not only physically but emotionally"
  • Sarah H. lost 95 lbs! "I went from swimming once every few years and hiding under a t-shirt to being in the pool every day at my gym—without a shirt!"
  • April G. lost 30 lbs! "This program is valuable for people with all sorts of goals and dreams, not just those who need to lose a hundred pounds or more, but for anyone with a weight loss goal."

Special offers!

These are the current special offers available at the moment. Do check back regularly as the site is often updated. Where no code is shown just click the link and special offer is already included. Just follow the link and choose the special offer at the website: 

  • Lose 5lbs in week 1 with New Nutrisystem Fast 5+: Click Here! to redeem this offer.


Nutrisystem give you a choice of over 160 meals and desserts from which you can pick from after you've chosen your program, or go for the favorites package for the most popular. The meals are all proportioned inline with the G.I. diet where good carbs and proteins are blended for greater weight loss. This will ensure you don't go hungry and stay on the plan and lose weight. Some of the meals include:


  • Apple strudel scone
  • Scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese
  • Maple brown sugar oatmeal
  • Cranberry orange pastry
  • Scrambled eggs with veggie sausage crumble
  • Pancake mix
  • And more...


  • Chicken and pasta in cacciatore sauce
  • Noodles with chicken and vegetables
  • Pasta with beef
  • Chicken and barley stew
  • Pasta parmesan and broccoli
  • Beans and ham soup
  • And more...


  • Mushroom risotto
  • Flatbread pizza
  • Macaroni and cheese with beef
  • Lemon butter sauce with chicken and noodles
  • Mushroom gravy and rice with salisbury steak
  • Three cheese pasta with chicken
  • And more...


  • Chocolate chip pudding
  • BBQ soy chips
  • Microwavable chocolate cake
  • White chocolate chunk cookie
  • Sour cream and onion soy chips
  • Double chocolate almond cookie
  • And more...

These are some of the impressive 160+ meals all available to view at the Nutrisystem website. All meals are designed, prepared and cooked with weight loss in mind.


Nutrisystem has the most awesome testimonials from past users out of all the diet delivery services we've reviewed. You can't ignore all the before and after pictures of amazing weight loss from the success stories part of the Nutrisystem website. The plans are great because there is one to suit you from young to middle age to older or diabetics to vegetarians there is a program to suit you. The special offer of 2 FREE weeks of food is a good one and provides what is already good value.

When a company is trading in stocks and shares you know you're dealing with a big corporation with many staff who have built a reputation in keeping customers and giving them the results they seek. And this is what it can do for you, sticking to the plan is all you need to do. The preparing, shopping, cooking, counting, measuring have all been done for you. You just need to store the food then reheat and enjoy. Plus, more importantly, enjoy your new body after you've lost the weight thanks to Nutrisystem.

Visit Nutrisystem and start losing weight today!

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